OneRM App Reviews

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This is a great app for determining your 1 rep max. What is so neat is the fact that everyones body chemistry is different and changes with age. Bearing this fact, this app allows you to change the coefficient formula to your own liking. You have to keep in mind too that if your get above 10 reps, go heavier.

Very Good app for approximating 1 rep max

For those of us not willing to risk injury to find our actual 1RM (especially those over 50), this little app can calculate a reasonable approximation (its primary formula is Matt Brzycki's popular equation) for use in weight training. The update will allow you to use other equations as well, if you prefer. I think it will be a five star app when 1RM calculations done for different exercises can be saved and retrieved for later use. Still, it's a very good app for the price.

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